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Beauty and the Beast poster
Beauty and the Beast poster
Item Type Other Printed Items
Sub Type Advertising
Secondary Item Type Poster
Item Name Beauty and the Beast poster
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This Beauty and the Beast, "Portait of Love" poster is from 1988 and talks about how Wendy Pini is taking the hit CBS tv series to a graphic novel incarnation. is not affiliated with Warp Graphics, it is a fan site created with the goal of cataloging ElfQuest merchandise that has been made across the globe. Many, if not most, of the items are not currently available, and may be one of a kind. If you see something you would like to add to your inventory, please add it to your want list here, or check your local comic shop, ebay, amazon, or other online resources. Warp Graphics has a Shop page with links to help you on your hunt. They also have an ebay store.